Euphoria Carnival - Purple Daze

Euphoria Carnival – Purple Daze

Euphoria Carnival – Purple Daze

DateAugust 27, 2015

Starts6:00 pm

Ends12:00 am


Location200 York Way, Kings Cross, London, N7 9AP

This event is the one to kick off your carnival weekend, a pre road jump off jam. We bring you a brand new concept to release your inhibitions and immerse yourself in a feeling of EUPHORIA!

We’ve got something for all of your senses:

Sight – Think PURPLE Lights, Fog, Body Paint, Glowing Gizmos

Sound – De whole place shell down! Need we say more?

Touch – Ya MUST take a wine, or 20…

Taste – We’ll have Purple Daze shots to get you pumping from the word GO!

Smell – Between the scrumptious food on the grill and the secret scent machine your nose will be in heaven

It all takes place in one of London’s most iconic clubs, The EGG – Winners of the ‘Coolest Multi-Purpose Venue’ at the Cool Venue Awards 2015. Just like our launch, we’ll be taking advantage of great indoor/outdoor spaces, set up especially for this awesome event.

Things are gonna get PURPLE, things are gonna get FUN!