Dirty Dozen J'ouvert: Trinidad Carnival

Dirty Dozen J’ouvert: Trinidad Carnival

Dirty Dozen J’ouvert: Trinidad Carnival

DateFebruary 26, 2017

Starts2:00 am

Ends8:00 am

VenueSecret, Secure Route (not downtown Port – Of – Spain)


The spirit of the earth gave us the strength to defeat the armies of Jericho and earn ourselves our freedom. Freedom we have celebrated since the falling of those clay bricked walls that once imprisoned not only our bodies but our history. As if the Gods favored us, one day a man among us had rebelled against the order. He dared to challenge the imposing authority that had policed us for so long. Controlling our movement, our thinking, our appearance. Trying to make us “civilized”, as they called it. What they labelled civilization, was captivity to us. Until he stood for us…Araali.

It has now been two years since that prophecy has been fulfilled. Jericho has crumbled under our might and we have marched to freedom. Now, we must travel to where it all began. Where we learnt our language, our dance, our songs that celebrated our culture. As we leave this rubble behind us, we return to our J’ouvert. Where we beat our drums and blow our horn and sing under the moonlight celebrating our unity as a people who’ve conquered those who stood against us.

Araali leads us through the streets. His blue skin almost a shimmering black under the moonlight. His horns form a crown about his head as the move across, inspiring respect from his people and striking fear into the hearts of his enemies. A cape covers his back as the clamoring chains used to restrain him trail his steps, broken. He leads us forward into the night. With shrieking whistles, we announce our arrival. Donning our masks and painting our skin as our ancestors did. We move forward. Marching toward our redemption. Our rebirth. Led by our king, we are an army.

We are reborn. WE ARE JAB!

The Dirty Dozen Package Includes:

  • Exclusive J’ouvert Pre-Party from 2AM
  • Signature After Party
  • Increased Security
  • Music Truck
  • 2 Drinks Trucks
  • Premium Drinks Inclusive
  • Secret, Secure Route (not downtown Port – Of – Spain)
  • DDJ Goodie Bag including T-Shirt/Vest, DDJ Souvenir Party Mug and Noisemaker
  • Water Truck
  • Breakfast to refuel
  • Safe Toilets
  • Crazy Vibes and an Unforgettable J’ouvert Experience
  • All this is promised with top quality service, the best vibe and long lasting memories!